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Carton Box Taping Machine

Box Taping Machine


New Taping head incorporating a V shaped plate designed to keep the tape straight and in position for consistent sealing of every carton. This is design is superior to previous blower devices.
Driven by two side drive belts or top & bottom drive belts, each belt has a separate drive mechanism using a special bearing bracket. This provides higher precision, lower noise and lengthens belt life.
Tape overlap length can be adjusted from 70 ± 5mm and 95 ± 5mm can be provided on request.

Power 1 Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz

OPP 2″/3″ (Please advise when ordering)

Capacity 30 boxes/min. For box length 300mm (Belt speed 20M/min)

Case Erector or Carton Erector

Case Erector:


Carton erector automatically form and bottom seal different styles and size of cartons. After that is perfectly-form empty carton that are ready to be filled and can integrate any carton sealers to seal top flops. So form, pack and seal carton is all in one operation.

With no tape detector, erecting failure detector, bottom sealing failure detector, no cartons at the magazine detector. All ensure to solve the problems at the short time.

Driven by power side belts, main drive mechanism adopt self-aligning ball bearing bracket providing exact and precise sealing, lower noise and lengthening belt life.


Power 3 Phase, 220/380/415/440V
OPP 2"/3" (Please advise when ordering)
Sealing Size L250~510 x W200~380 x H120~500mm (2")
L250~510 x W225~380 x H120~500mm (3")
Capacity 9~12 boxes/min.
Net Weight 820Kgs
Machine Size L2502 x W2359 x H1547mm

Case Erection,Taping & Strapping Machine

Case Erection,Taping & Strapping Machine

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