Thermoforming And Vacuum Forming

Nursery Seedling Germination Tray Forming Machine


Note : Size can be customized based upon customer requirement

Sheets like PVC, HIPS, R-PET

Vacuum pump: 1 H.P capacity with Vacuum tank

Film holding unit, with guides and rollers for smoother feeding Ceramic Heaters: 7. 5K.W

Film movement: Motorized / Pneumatic type with accurate positioning system Zonal heating system attached along with digital temperature controllers and SSR

Separate electrical panel to be provided with all the necessary electrical controls in built. MOC: In M.S Duly Powder Coated

Digital Timer controls for heating and vacuum cycle operations Special type chains for easy gripping and feeding of sheets Water cooling attachment for mould and film feed unit

Adjustable gripper unit for easy clamping of different width of film Materials which can be used in the machine are HIPS / PVC / PET

Sheets widths which can be used in the machine are 350mm to 650mm

Pneumatically operated plug assist system

With Auto Punching of Holes Auto shearing

Auto Trimming


Stages of Operation: - Fully Automatic Operation


1.    Film Feeding


2.    Film Heating


3.    Forming 98 Cavity(can also be customized)                        


4.    Hole Punching


5.    Side Trimming

6.    Sheet Shearing



Applications:  Making of Germination seedling Tray of any cavity.





Thermoforming Machines And Vacuum Forming Machines

These custom made thermoforming machines and vacuum forming machines are used to form thicker and larger dimension products, using heat and vacuum application on the sheets. The machine are suitable for deep draw application to form Bath tubs, Shower panels, refrigerator inner liners and doors in HIPS / PVC etc, bath room and kitchen cabinets, deep sinks and sanitary wares in acrylic, brief case and suit case shells in ABS, tube light panels, street lamp shields, lamp shads, automobile parts like door trims, radiator covers, mud flaps, noise shields for heavy vehicles. Glow sings, and large signage’s for advertisement. 3D poster for outdoor advertising, for exterior and interiors decoration panels etc.

Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine

We manufacture and supply high performing Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines and Blister Forming Machines, which consume low power and successfully produce plastic articles and blisters in regular and irregular shapes. In order to maintain uniform thickness of forming, we have equipped this machine with plug assist system. The roll feeding, clamping, forming are fully automatic in Automatic Vacuum Forming Machines, which are manufactured and supplied by us. Our range of machines is made using HIPS, PVC, PET, ABS (PP optional) and latest technology to ensure clients satisfaction. It has capability to process various sheets like PVC, HIPS, PP, EPS and PET etc. These Machines are customized yet cost-effective and successfully cater to the needs of clients.


  • Low electrical power

  • Consumption

  • Low maintenance cost

  • High productivity

  • Quick return on investment

  • Low product cost
  • Trays for fast food items

  • Egg tray

  • Blister fro toys, electrical products, electronic goods etc.

  • Meal trays, sweet boxes

  • Biscuit trays and chocolate trays

  • Product trays for assembly line
  • Model: FM-5560

  • Forming Area: 550mm600mm

  • Vacuum pump: 1 H.P

  • Heaters-ceramic: 10K.W

  • Machine size: 100” (L)80” (W) 70”(H)

  • Electrical panel: 30” (L) 15” (W) 50(H)

  • Machine Weight: 1000Kgs

  • Roll Size maximum: 650mm

  • Roll size minimum: 350mm

  • Sheet thickness: 0.12mm-1.5mm

  • Maximum draw: 100mm.

Vacuum Forming Machines

Vacuum Forming Machines, which vary from 1mt 1mt to 2mt 2mt. sheet thickness and from 1mm-6mm, draw depth upto 300mm. Highly effective Vacuum Forming Machine complies with international quality standards and available at domestic prices.

Available Machines:

Infrared ceramic heating system
Plug assist fro deep draw application
Pneumatic type mould table movement with height adjustment unit
Heater zones controlled by SSR and PID controllers
Sandwich heating system
Pre blow system
Sheet sag control
PLC control with touch screen for controls
High speed cooling blowers pneumatically operated sheet clamping unit
Pre heating oven for special type of material


Bath tub and shower panels
Industrial parts
Automotive interior and exterior parts
Assembly trays
Refrigeration parts
Suitcase and brief cases
Deep sinks and shower trays
Lamp shades
Glow signs and signage
Bus interiors
Toys etc.
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